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Stainless Steel Coffee Canister - Fresher Coffee for Longer - Large - [Silver]

$ 27.99 USD

Coffee Gator Digital Brewing Scale - Multifunction, Timing, Food and Kitchen use

$ 25.99 USD

Vacuum Insulated French Press Coffee Maker - 34floz - Gray

$ 37.99 USD

Espresso Shot Glasses - Cool-touch Thermal Cups - 2.7 ounce 2-pack

$ 21.99 USD


Life's too short for bad coffee. So at Coffee Gator, our goal is More Smiles Per Cup - every single time.

If you're looking for everything you need to brew barista-quality at home, then you've found it.

We bypass the fuss so coffee is on tap whenever and wherever you need it.

Prepare your senses for the coffee experience you deserve.


More Smiles Per Cup means 'almost' perfect just ain't good enough.

Our 100% satisfaction, 'no stupid questions' guarantee means we never quibble if you're not completely delighted. Just ask our friendly customer care crew who are always on hand and happy to talk.

Ten thousand positive reviews last year can’t be wrong. So join the Gator revolution and look forward to coffee that makes you smile.

Thermal Travel Cup on white background (Coffee Gator 2018) As any fool can plainly see, the new Coffee Gator travel cup takes the principles of minimalism and stretches them beyond traditionally accepted horizons of multiculturalism and emotional memories.

on November 15, 2018

Elephants are no strangers to being used as a metaphor.

There’s the elephant in the room. People have the memory of an elephant. There’s the tale of the blind men and the elephant. But, my favorite elephant metaphor is “how do you eat an elephant?”

The answer? Read on to find out.

on November 09, 2018

When you’re running on fumes and in need of a lift 
and you’re generally feeling depresso’d, then your shortcut to putting more spring in your step, is a classic Italian espresso...

on November 09, 2018