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Coffee Gator Guides: pour over coffee brewing

The term ‘pour-over’ refers to a number of brewing methods based on percolation.

All these methods share the same basic principle they pass through the coffee and draw out the flavor along the way.

  1. Pour hot water through the carafe (and filter if using a metal one) then discard as needed.
  2. Spoon required amount of medium/coarse ground coffee into filter.
  3. Heat measured water to as close to 96°C (205°F) as possible (returning to heat to maintain temperature).
  4. Pour a little water evenly over the coffee, getting it evenly wet, from the centre outwards.
  5. Leave for 30 seconds to allow carbon dioxide gasses to escape. The coffee will start to ‘bloom’ or dome.
  6. Pour in short, even shifts, maintaining the bloom for 3 minutes.

Done, dusted and delicious.

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