Home Barista Starter Kit | Barista Starter Pack | Coffee Gator
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit
Home Barista Starter Kit

Home Barista Starter Kit

$ 93.97 USD


      What's Included:

      • Coffee Beans and Grounds Canister with Magnetic Scoop
      • Gooseneck Spout Kettle with a Built-in Thermometer
      • Pour Over with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter

      Only the essentials and nothing unnecessary to make that fantasmagastic cup of joe!

      Enjoy exceptional coffee at home. This home barista starter kit is the Lamborghini of the coffee world. ‘Won’t it make me look like one of those ridiculous hipsters?’ Nope, you’ll just be drinking better coffee and looking like a pro while you’re making it.
      Drink better coffee. Unlike the competition, we never compromise on quality, service or your happiness. The search for coffee that makes you smile ends here.
      Complete Peace of Mind - Thousands of customers trust us to deliver on quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction promise means we’re devoted to delivering maximum joy. Whether it’s a refund or just some friendly assistance we’re always there to help.

      Upgrade Your Home Brew at Every Step

      1. Keep your beans fresher

      Fresh, Fresher, Freshest. Keep your beans safe from:

      • Exposure to light
      • Moisture
      • Extreme temperatures
      • Air

      Safe from Flavor-Destroyers. Coffee naturally emits harmful CO2 which needs venting away. Our zero-BPA canisters have innovative freshness valves to release co2 but lock out oxygen. Airtight, sealed containers stop this process and wreck coffee.

      Track Freshness for a Dream Brew for You and Your Guests. Sitting on top of the steel clasp seal lid is a calendar wheel. Logging the purchase or expiry date reduces waste and puts a stop to throwing precious coffee in the trash.

      2. Banish burnt beans

      Greater Control. The precision gooseneck spout allows a steady, safe, and smooth control of flow to the user, making the kettle easy to handle and allowing better brewing. With such user friendly features and top-quality design, rest assured that your coffee will be delicious and you’ll feel like a barista while preparing it. It’s simple, quick as well as efficient.
      Burnt coffee makes everyone sad. When water is too hot it scorches your precious beans. Too cold and you’ll never reach the full flavor potential. The built-in temperature gauge eliminates guesswork and disappointment and delivers more smiles per cup.
      Superior Quality. Engineered in premium-grade stainless steel with a gooseneck spout for steady water flow (essential for hand drip perfection). It’s the first kettle with a unique triple-layer base so it works on all stovetops and stays rust-free and safe for decades.
      40floz / 1200ml

      Suitable for use on induction, halogen, gas or electric ranges.

      3. Pour over like the pros

      Get more from your beans. Coffee travels long and far and has the capacity to make you extremely happy. This 100% BPA-free carafe with an insulated collar means maximum flavor and minimal effort.
      Save time, hassle and the planet. Single-use filters are history. They cost money, strip flavor, create waste and damage the environment. This laser-cut stainless steel mesh filter ensures flavor ends up on your lips - not in the trash.
      More smiles per cup. Forget all those nasty dregs getting into your brew. Prepare your senses for a fragrant, naturally sweeter, coffee house-standard brew in your own home.

      Step by Step: How to Make Incredible Pour Over Coffee

      We’re making 12floz (350ml) of coffee here so you’re going to need 1oz (25g) of coffee.
      1. Heat your water until it’s within the highlighted green brew range (195˚-205˚F) on the thermometer.

      2. Grind your coffee beans to a medium coarse - something like caster sugar if possible.

      3. Add the ground coffee to the filter and give the filter a little shake to the flatten out the coffee.

      4. Carefully pour enough water to cover the coffee in a spiral motion from the inside - out. Hold the spout about 8-10 inches away from the grounds while you’re pouring. You’ll see it puff up and ‘bloom’ round about now.

        • TIP: Avoid pouring directly on the rim of the filter or the water will run through without properly picking up flavor. Gooseneck kettles make accurate pouring easy.

      5. Wait 30 seconds for the water to stop dripping through then pour again in the same spiral action. You want to aim to pour all the water out over 3 minutes if you can.


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