Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer + 2 Thermal Cup – Coffee Gator
Five Minute Masterclass Moka Espresso
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer Plus 2 Thermal Cups - 12 ounce - Coffee Gator
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer Plus 2 Thermal Cups - 12 ounce - Coffee Gator
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer Plus 2 Thermal Cups - 12 ounce - Coffee Gator
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer + 2 Thermal Cups
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer + 2 Thermal Cups
Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer + 2 Thermal Cups

Espresso Moka Pot - Induction-Friendly Stovetop Brewer + 2 Thermal Cups

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      Happy brewing and drinking. This coffee maker comes complete with a pair of 3 floz, hotter-for-longer, stainless steel espresso mugs in the box (RRP $35.98). They feature a vacuum layer which traps heat so you can enjoy coffee exactly as it should beEspresso on tap. This brewer is suitable for all stovetops. So whether you have an induction, gas or electric range or even a camping stove you’re moments away from a strong shot of coffee-happinessFive minutes to more smiles. Pour over, French press and Aeropress brewers take a little time. A Gator moka is a short-cut to incredible rich coffee with a velvety crema. Barista-standard coffee at your fingertips, any time, anywhere, with no fussSafe and strong. Crafted from premium cast aluminum and fitted with a safety valve to release excess steam and a cool-touch handle. It’s also a dream to load and rinses clean (not suitable for dishwasher use). What’s not to like?

      How to Use Coffee Gator Moka Pot 

      Coffee Gator products are known for their high quality and easy usage. With them you can make barista-quality coffee at home easily and enjoy your favorite coffee whenever you want to. One of its best sellers is the Coffee Gator Moka Pot. Let’s find out how to use it best.

      Product Highlights

      The Coffee Gator Moka Pot is a stove-top manual brewer which employs the percolation brewing method to prepare your favorite coffee. The moka pot is an Italian innovation and Coffee Gator moka pot follows the original Italian design. It has been constructed from high quality aluminum and for releasing the excess steam, a safety valve has been installed. The moka pot has a brewing capacity of 12 ounces or six cups.  It comes with two free stainless steel cups with a capacity of 3 ounces each.

      Coffee Gator Moka Pot Can Make:

      The Coffee Gator Moka Pot can be used to prepare numerous coffee beverages, we will list down a few for you: 

      • It is famous for making more viscous and dense espresso than other methods.
      • Prepare a cup of Americano by adding 4 oz of hot water to 2 oz of espresso.
      • A lungo is simply a more diluted espresso. Add hot water according to your taste to a shot of espresso and lungo is ready.
      • For cappuccino, add 2 oz of steamed milk and 2 oz of milk foam to 2 oz of espresso.
      • Pour 2 oz of espresso into a mug and add four ounces of steamed milk to enjoy a cup of flat white.
      • Prepare a cup of espresso macchiato by adding just a little bit of steamed milk to a single shot of espresso.
      • Prepare latte macchiato by tainting a cup of steamed milk with just a little bit of espresso.
      • Add cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to steamed milk, pour this into a shot of espresso, enjoy a cup of mocha.
      • You can also try other variations by trying different coffee/water ratios.

      How to Make Espresso in a Moka Pot?

      Moka Pot brewing is a relatively faster method compared to other manual brewing methods.  The goal is to extract a rich & dense cup of espresso in a short period of time so that it can quickly fulfil your craving.  Coffee Gator’s Moka Pot has been built according to Italian traditions in order to give you the original taste of Italian coffee. It works like a pressure cooker. It consists of an upper and lower compartment, both are threaded so that they can be screwed together. The lower section holds boiling water, while the upper portion holds the coffee basket. 

      Steps to Brew Espresso in Coffee Gator Moka Pot

      • Make sure your moka pot is clean.
      • Use your favorite coffee grounds or use a grinder to grind the coffee beans you prefer.
      • Fill the moka pot’s basket to its top with coffee.
      • Do not compress the coffee and make sure it is evenly spread.
      • Fill the bottom of your moka pot with boiling water, keeping it exactly below the safety valve.
      • Never use cold water in the pot, it will end up overheating your coffee and ruining the taste.
      • Screw the top & bottom portion together and place the moka pot on your stove.
      • Keep the stove heat at medium.
      • When you hear the gurgling sound, remove the moka pot from the stove.
      • Without opening it, keep it under cold running water for a few seconds in order to stop the process of brewing.
      • Serve espresso in the free stainless steel mug.

      Accessories Needed with Moka Pot

      • Coffee Gator Grinder should be a part of your inventory if you prefer using coffee beans. Both the grinder and the burrs have been constructed with stainless steel. The burr blades specialize in producing coffee that is not irregular but rather uniform in size.
      • Coffee Gator also makes its own stainless steel canisters for storing coffee beans. You can choose from a variety of sizes. They even have a date wheel that lets you record the expiry date of your coffee beans.
      • If you are a coffee connoisseur, who loves being perfect every time you prepare coffee and want to work with the exact coffee to water ratio and brew time, then the digital scale by Coffee Gator is going to make your life easier. Not only is it a weighing scale, but it also has a timer that can let you know how long the coffee has been brewing.

      Pros & Cons 


      • The moka pot is one of the most affordable coffee brewers when compared to both manual and electric coffee machines.
      • The operation of the moka pot is very simple and it can be easily used by anyone.
      • The moka pot provides the original taste of Italian coffee and you can try numerous variations.
      • The brewing methodology employed by the moka pot is more gentle than automatic machines.
      • The moka pot can be used to brew six cups of espresso at the same time.
      • As there is no restriction on the grounds or bean type, you can try different types of coffee grounds/beans.


      • When compared to automatic programmable coffee machines, using the moka pot can be a bit more time consuming.
      • Manual brewing methods require more knowledge about coffee to water ratio, coffee to milk ratio, brew time, coffee weight and water volume.
      • Moka pot cannot be washed in a dishwasher as it is constructed from aluminum.
      • Requires more maintenance, the rubber gasket may require replacement after a while.

      Coffee Brewers – How Much Coffee Can You Make In It?

      The Coffee Gator Moka Pot can prepare six demitasse cups of coffee. One demitasse cup can hold around 2 fluid ounces of coffee i.e. the Coffee Gator Moka Pot will prepare a total of 12 fluid ounces of coffee in one go.

      How to Clean the Moka Pot After Using?

      • Allow the moka pot to cool down completely.
      • Open the moka pot and take out the coffee basket.
      • Dump the used coffee into a dustbin.
      • Unscrew the upper and lower portion, make sure to remove the filter as well as the gasket.
      • Rinse all the parts with lukewarm water and use your fingers to dislodge any debris.
      • Use a soft cloth or an air dryer to thoroughly dry all parts. Any moisture on the aluminum parts will cause corrosion over time.


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