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Sweet Matcha Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew

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Matcha cream cold brew with cold foam

This Sweet Matcha Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew is such a fun drink! You’ve probably tried variations of your standard cold brew with sweet cream cold foam, but have you ever made a sweet matcha cream cold foam? Maybe it’s just because matcha makes everything look prettier, but here at Coffee Gator, we can’t get enough of this drink. The combination of the sweet matcha with the strong cold brew really hits the spot and provides a strong but steady caffeine boost. If you can’t decide between coffee or matcha for your daily caffeine fix, then this is the perfect drink for you.

Warning: you may be tempted to post this drink on your social media platforms because it looks so good.


Ingredients you'll need:

How to make:

Cold brew:

Matcha Sweet Cream:

  1. Add the matcha powder to a glass or bowl along with the milk. Froth together until the matcha is mixed in. Use the Frothy Milk Frother on the highest setting for these steps, as it will help you remove any chunks of matcha powder that may form.
  2. Then add the heavy whipping cream, and continue to froth all the ingredients together until the mixture gets creamy and small peaks start to form. 
  3. In a separate glass, pour your cold brew over ice.
  4. Lastly, top the cold brew with your matcha cream and enjoy!

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