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How Coffee Amazingly Improves Post Workout Recovery

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How Coffee Amazingly Improves Post Workout RecoveryIf you are into high intensity training and have been working out for years, or you are an athlete you already know what muscle recovery means. Whenever you exercise you use up your body’s fuel which is stored in your body in the form of glycogen. This glycogen comes from your body’s sugar intake. When you workout, the glycogen levels deplete and your muscles break down to form new, big and stronger muscles. Muscle soreness is a sign of this breaking down. Post workout, the glycogen stores will need to be replenished not just for re-fuelling, but also to enhance muscle recovery. The carbohydrates that you take post-workout will try to recover this depletion, but that will take time on a stand-alone basis. Studies have found that caffeine can speed up this process of glycogen recovery and aid in muscle recovery. It does so by enhancing the absorption of carbohydrates in your body, thus speeding up the process of glycogen production.

Ways in Which Coffee Enhances Muscle Recovery 

Coffee is high in caffeine which facilitates the production of glycogen, thus increasing the rate of carbohydrate absorption.

Post workout consumption of coffee would yield higher glycogen levels than before and make you perform better the next day.

It also enhances insulin release which further increases glycogen supply to your body.

Coffee can also help in reducing muscle soreness after workouts. It enhances the production of the protein enzyme kinase which helps in muscle recovery.

There is a high level of antioxidants in coffee which protect against free radicals, thus fueling muscle recovery.

It reduces uric acid which reduces the risk of arthritis.

It also helps in fat release by increasing the production of enzymes that release lipids i.e it also works as a fat burner.

Fast Workout Recovery Tips

Try a carbohydrate-coffee combination after your workout, eat your favorite pasta followed by a coffee mug. Research has shown that although caffeine on its own is also beneficial, this combination further enhances muscle recovery by producing more glycogen.

Post workout, alternate between the above combo and a protein-coffee combo which will help you reduce muscle soreness and facilitate muscle recovery.

Try a massage before going to sleep, you can use a percussion massager with the above two combos to further speed up the recovery process.

You do not need an overdose of coffee for muscle recovery. One cup after every workout will be enough to provide you with the required amount of caffeine.

Try taking coffee before and after your workouts to benefit the most. Some athletes even sip it during their workouts so that the process of glycogen production starts right away and they can perform better.


Using coffee post-workout as suggested above can increase your performance by speeding up muscle recovery and also enhance production of various enzymes that facilitate absorption of carbohydrates. Experiment different combinations of the above and find out what routine suits you best.

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