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Welcoming Back an Old Friend

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Coffee Gator Stovetop Espresso Brewer relaunch 1

When we launched the launched our new stovetop espresso maker a while back we thought it would do well.

We had no idea it would cause the kind of rush you get at an Apple store when they launch a new iPhone.

Luckily were selling them online so it was all a bit more civilized. Nobody had to camp out overnight. There were no fistfights. The riot police weren't called to separate espresso-loving coffee junkies.

But within a couple of weeks, we sold what we thought would take us a year.

So we set about making new stock hand-over-fist we had time to ask:

What made people fall in love with it?

Here's what we came up with:

Quick and easy to use

Barista making coffee

Within a few minutes anyone, with any level of experience, can make themselves the kind of espresso a professional barista would post all over their social media.

If you've got espresso, you've got the basis for pretty much any coffee you care to make.

Amazing value for money

You can pay thousands for a traditional espresso machine. Or you can do the same thing with a Coffee Gator moka for a few bucks.

Will you get a pair of thermal stainless steel espresso cups with the obscenely expensive contraption? No, you will not.

Friendly of the environment

Friendly dolphin not being choked to death by plastic

Coffee pods and capsules seem like the solution to a quick brew. But (most of them) create plastic create waste. Often the sort of stuff that ends up in landfill or choking a friendly dolphin.

The only waste you create with our brewer is natural coffee grounds. Get rid of it with your food waste, fertilize a plant with it or turn it into a trendy exfoliating facial rub. Whatever you choose you're not doing mother nature any harm.

Hotter than the latest celebrity couple

Last but not least, have you seen it? It's good-looking, right? See those espresso cups too, yeah? I'm sorry but, you know, just wow.

Luckily for you, dear reader, I'm happy to report that this coffee-game-changing device has now landed in our warehouse and is available on Amazon right now.

Let's just hope we ordered enough this time 🤞


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