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Unboxing the Gator Pour Over-Brewing Travel Cup

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Unboxing the Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup

WOULDN'T IT BE AMAZING to be able to brew incredible coffee into a thermal cup you can take straight out with you?

Well, now you can. Our vacuum-insulated mug comes with a stainless steel filter for you to pop onto the top and get brewing.

I'm sure you can imagine all the places you could take it, so there's no need for me to go into it here. I certainly won't suggest taking it to work, school, on camping trips, to the beach, on a hike, to a game. All the usual things - a pleasant stroll around the local nuclear power facility - won't go into it.

There's simply no need to mention this stuff. You'll have thought of it already.

But if I know you at all (and I like to think I do), you're probably thinking 'this all sounds amazing - drinking astonishingly good coffee is me all over! Plus, I go places. Why wouldn't I want to take said amazing coffee with me? Heck, I'd buy one this very second if only, IF ONLY, I had a good idea about what the unboxing experience is like'.

You're in luck, my coffee-loving friend. We put this video together to show you exactly that. Enjoy!



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