Coffee Gator cold brew coffee and tea kit unboxing video

Unboxing dream coffee (in your sleep)

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Unboxing the Coffee Gator cold brew tea and coffee kit


HERE'S A SNEAK PEEK of what you can expect when you get your hands on a Coffee Gator cold brewer.

We get hundreds of messages (Edit: about 3 or so) asking us exactly what you get in our cold brew kit. Well, we could tell you, but we thought we'd just show you. Check out the video 👎


What's in the box?

Ok, so if you couldn't work out what was what in that video then here's the deal:

  • Universal refrigerator fit glass carafe
  • BPA-free plastic filter basket
  • Flavor-locking silicone-seal lid
  • Stainless steel measuring scoop
  • Space-saving collapsible silicone loading funnel for mess-free filling
  • Gator platinum club invite coaster
  • Full brewing instructions

Why cold brew?

The lack of heat in the cold brewing process means coffee comes out sweeter and less acidic. The hotter the water you use for brewing, the more natural flavor is broken down. At the extreme end of the spectrum is espresso coffee that comes out concentrated, thick and often bitter.

You don't have the same trouble with cold brew. The cold water gently coaxes out the flavor overnight (12 to 24 hours) so you can wake up to a brew you don't need to sweeten or mess with.

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