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Things you're better than - A poem by Adam R Jenkins

by Adam Jenkins on July 31, 2018

Things you're better than poem

You're better than diamonds and rubies and pearls
You’re better than boys and you're better than girls
Sunshine and moonbeams have nothing on you
You’re better than iPhones and even new shoes

You're better than strawberries and ice cream sundaes 
You’re there on my worst, my average and best days
You lift me up and you settle me down
You just can’t be beat, you’re the top of the town

You’re my best friend, to tell you the truth
You’re there when I’m cranky and need to be soothed
When I’ve had a long night and I need perking-up
What can I say? I’d prefer you to a pup

You’re better than a box of newly-born kittens
It’s fair to say that I’m hopelessly smitten
You’re better than a lazy, long day at the beach
You’re a subject on which I could endlessly preach

It might sound like I’m crazy or being dramatic
But it’s not a lie to say I’m a fanatic
If they did a survey then you’d come out on top
You’re the certified, genuine cream of the crop

You’re my shepherd, my muse, my lifelong guide
I’d walk 5,000 miles just to be by your side
You're there when I'm weary, you carry me through
Coffee’s your name and I’m so in love with you
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by peggy on August 03, 2018

Thanks so much for the coffee press I can not wait to try it!!! As most people I love to win things and to win a contest that was posted on the 4th of july was super Thanks again!!!