The start of a beautiful relationship between Coffee Gator and John Le

The start of a beautiful relationship between Coffee Gator and John Lewis 😍 ☕️ 🐊

Posted by Coffee Gator

It’s a big day for Coffee Gator...

We saw our gear make it onto the hallowed shelves and pages of John Lewis today.

It’s been the culmination of a lot of work and we’d like to thank everyone at John Lewis for making this dream a reality. We’ll be doing everything in our power to make sure your customers can enjoy #MoreSmilesPerCup.

For anyone not in the know, John Lewis is a high-end department store chain, operating mainly in the UK. Founded in 1864, they’ve become an iconic British brand and a byword for quality and service.

Over the years they’ve positioned themselves as the place to shop for Christmas and The John Lewis festive TV ad is now almost an event in itself.

John Lewis Man in the Moon Christmas advert still

Coffee Gator will feature in their Christmas Gift Guide this year, so to be associated with that in some small way is a genuine honor.

 For Coffee Gator, what started off as an online venture has fully broken out into the real world. Now you can wander into a John Lewis store and marvel at Coffee Gator products in the flesh (or surgical grade stainless steel as the case may be).

As well as thanking the people at John Lewis, we also need to extend our gratitude to you. Without your ongoing support, feedback and general, all-round awesomeness, this would never have happened.

We can’t be everywhere at once, so if you happen to spot some Coffee Gator gear on your travels, we’d love to see it. Tag #coffeegator on Instagram or Twitter to share the love!

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