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Homegrounds $650 Gator Gear Giveaway

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Homegrounds $650 Coffee Gator prize giveaway

Did someone say 'free coffee gear?'

Yep - it's giveaway time!

We teamed-up with Homegrounds to give $650 worth of Coffee Gator gear away to five lucky winners.

Enter Homegrounds $650 Coffee Gator prize giveaway

What is Homegrounds?

Surely you've heard of them? Anyway, they're a devastatingly charismatic bunch of experts, enthusiasts and hobbyists on a mission to dispell the myths and mysteries of exceptional coffee. 

Homegrounds test the latest coffee gear on the market so you don't have to waste your hard-earned cash on anything less than the best.

What's on offer?

Homegrounds $650 Coffee Gator prizes

Each of the five prize packages consists of:

• A paperless pour over brewer. Ideal for draining every last ounce of joy out of your coffee.
• A happiness-storing stainless steel canister. Stop the outside getting in and vent out flavor-fudging carbon dioxide.
• A gooseneck kettle. Comes with a built-in thermometer for a precision pour over flow of water at the perfect temperature.
• A cold brew kit for brewing eye-poppingly flavorful coffee in your sleep. Wake up to liquid satisfaction.

How do I enter?

Click the button and answer a simple question (Hint: it rhymes with 'toffee plater').

>Enter Homegrounds $650 Coffee Gator prize giveaway

Who's that standing in my garden?

Dunno. Could be dangerous. Probably safest to enter the contest, stay inside and wait for your prize.

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