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The Daily Grind - A poem by Adam R Jenkins

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The daily grind - A poem by Adam R Jenkins

Every morning, I'm rudely disturbed
By a wailing alarm and my slumber is curbed

I open my eyes, and roll out of bed
Stretching my arms and rubbing my head

I wrinkle my face at the unwelcome brightness
And head to the bathroom to take care of business

Brush my teeth right, to save the enamel
Give my face a quick wash with a trusty old flannel
Throw on a top and accompaniments 
Then do it again coz it’s all back to front

Into the kitchen to feed the cat
She’s shouting and screaming and we just can't have that

The idea of work's not a pleasant one
But there’s bills to be paid so it’s gotta be done

I'm running late so I must be away
But time for a coffee then I’m set for the day


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