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Lorenzo and his coffee story

From Italy with Love 🇮🇹

Meet Lorenzo from Florence.

This is what happened when he took the plunge, ditched espresso and tried pour over instead.

on December 20, 2019
Livorno Punch Recipe

Livorno Punch Recipe

A coffee cocktail recipe first invented by Italian innkeepers is still serving the people of Tuscany extremely well today. We reveal the recipe famed for the restorative effects it once had on cold Livornese sailors over 400 years ago. Here’s how to easily recreate this magical elixir yourself.
on October 04, 2018
Six Simple Rules for Ordering Coffee in Italy Like a Local

Six Simple Rules for Ordering Coffee in Italy Like a Local

Coffee is pretty much ever-present wherever you find yourself in the world and it’s usually a fairly relaxed affair. The etiquette in Italy is quite different. Follow these 6 golden rules to avoid looking like a complete coffee ignoramus.
on September 03, 2018


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