Share your coffee ritual with Coffee Gator - Win pour over coffee kit!

Share your coffee ritual - Mindfulness in a cup much?

Posted by Coffee Gator

Have you wielded the Art of 10 Minutes a Day? Does taking your time for a pour over coffee seem rather mystical to the perpetually frenetic?

My Coffee Ritual - Sharing it like a superhero should - Coffee Gator

They say we live in a hyperconnected world where we are just unable or unwilling (dare we say incapable?)  to take things slow. But if you've got it down pat and you are well aware of mindfulness in a cup and such...then maybe, just maybe, sharing your mindfulness habits could actually save the world, in its own small way!

Below are some of us at Coffee Gator HQ sharing our rituals. Feel free to share yours  using this super quick, how-easy-is-it-to-be-a-superhero link: #MyCoffeeRitual

Coffee Gator HQ Crew:

Adam Jenkins - Coffee Gator

Adam, Marquis of Caffeine Content
Just taking a selfie, combing my beard and waiting for coffee in the morning sun ☕ ~



Jani and her coffee ritual - Coffee Gator
Jani, Social Media Superhero
Digesting the news of the day, having a brew, whiling the hours away

Kristina sharing her coffee ritual - Coffee Gator
Kristina, Countess of Cheekiness
I have my priorities straight, I water my pour over before my plants. I admit my coffee is more beautiful than my garden.

Share your photo or video clip here: #MyCoffeeRitual, then everywhere with hashtag #mycoffeeritual to share your love and devotion to coffee and the need for humanity to slow down every now and then (You could also win Coffee Gator pour over gear)

Or just vote for your favorite, just for fun!

Vote for your favorite ritual - My Coffee Ritual - Coffee Gator

(Authored by Kristina, Certified "Coffee Obsessive" across four continents. Never seen without a pour over coffee maker, a camera, tunes and visual art)

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