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Quarantine Coffee Guide

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Coffee Gator quarantine coffee guide

FOR MANY OF US, more time spent at home means more time for watching every episode of Friends ever made. And while our (genuinely heroic) emergency services would probably salute your dedication to keeping yourself out of mischief and from under their feet, would you truly feel like you'd made the best of the opportunity for self-development?

But what if you came out of the other side of this strange situation we find ourselves in with a new go-to lockdown coffee? That sure would surely be an achievement.

So without further ado, allow me to present The Coffee Gator Quarantine Coffee contenders.


Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee

If you haven't heard of this super-sweet, upside down cappuccino-type coffee yet, don't feel bad. Pretty much nobody had until March 13th when it went stratospheric after some viral Tik-Tok posts. In terms of timing, Dalgona wins. But it's also made with instant coffee, which is the devil. So points off for that. You can find a recipe for it here.


Cold Brew

Coffee gator cold brew coffee

Cold brew has taken off in a big way after the last few years. Brewing in cold water means you get the full flavor spectrum without heat which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The payoff is it takes a long time to brew - about 24 hours to get it perfect - which actually makes it the perfect time to get into it right about now. 

Check out our guide to cold brewing.


Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee

This is the opposite of dalgona coffee in so many ways. Not least that it's made of actual coffee. Pour over is another one that takes a little bit of time to get right. But that 10-minute ritual is the perfect chance to focus your mind, and tastebuds, on the joy of everything coffee has to offer.

Find your perfect pour over brewer.


Buttered coffee

MCT oil coffee

Made famous by Bulletproof coffee, this entails adding a slab of butter and a slug of coconut oil. The coconut oil has is quickly turned into energy for doing a workout in your living room. Anything leftover provides energy directly to your brain. The idea is it makes you fitter, healthier and smarter - let us know if you start finishing your sudoku any quicker.

This recipe is a good jumping-off point.

That concludes our quarantine coffee guide. Let us know in the comments what you're drinking right now.

On a serious note, please, please, stay safe, stay positive and look after each other.

Much love from us all at Coffee Gator.

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