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Milk. Glorious milk (frother).

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Just like almost everything these days, there's always someone out there willing to give milk an udder bashing (sorry).

Call me biased (I grew up on a dairy farm) but personally, I rather like it.

I ask you, just where would be without milk?

It would mean saying 'no' to cappuccinos. We'd be flat out of flat whites. We'd have less lattes and minimal macchiatos 🐄

Luckily, although my personal preference is good ol' fashioned cow juice, there are a plethora of alternatives available. Soy, cashew, hemp, almond, rice and coconut milk to name but a few.

There's even oat milk (although just how you'd go about milking an oat I couldn't tell you).

Anyone who was about in the 80s in the UK will be familiar with the famous Accrington Stanley milk commercial. Here it is if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Accrington Stanley Milk ad on YouTube

If you're confused, here are some notes:

Ian Rush - A former soccer player who scored more goals for Liverpool FC than anyone else.
Accrington Stanley - An obscure soccer team whose reputation has never recovered from being savaged by the ad.

So milk has always been woven into the fabric of my life whether I was helping produce it, drinking it or seeing it on TV.

In one form or another milk has any number of health benefits. Everything from growing strong bones to improving memory function.

But I forget what I was talking about now...🤔

Ah, that's it! We have a new addition to the Coffee Gator family. Allow me to introduce our new stainless steel milk frothing pitcher!

It's designed to fit neatly in your hand and shaped to naturally get exactly the right flow for creating velvety milk in a flash. There's a neat clip-on thermometer so you can see exactly when you're in the zone for achieving a milky marvel.

We've released a small number of these perfect pitchers to Amazon. They're at an initial price of $17.99 just to get things moooooooving (again - sorry).

Ok, I won't milk you for time any longer (get it?) - I'm sure you're busy enough today.

All I'll say is don't hang about if upping your cappuccino-game is important to you - this introductory price won't be on offer for long!

Speak soon

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