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Marvel The Floating Enigmas: Espresso Coffee and Levitation Through the Ages

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Coffee Gator Levitating Espresso Shot Glasses - Mouth-blown, Thermal Cups - 2.7 floz 2-pack

Roll-up, roll-up! Presenting the incredible Coffee Gator Levitating espresso cups.

Fate and chance, space and time. These are the forces of the universe. Today, for your eyes only, we present the drinking vessel that has managed to unravel these mysteries.

The new Coffee Gator ‘levitating’ shot glasses conjure-up an illusion so powerful it will be as if your espresso (tequila, whiskey, vodka etc) is floating before your very eyes. Woooooo…..

Well, ok. We hate to shatter that image, but truth-be-told the real secret here is hand-blown glass and a vacuum layer that keeps your drinks as hot or cold as you want them.

Despite how much people are loving them, they probably won’t be part of human consciousness for a thousand years. But as a species, our obsession with defying gravity continues to be unquenchable.

So we thought this would be an apt time to look at some famous examples of levitation throughout the years.


St Joseph of Copertino (1603-1663)

St Joseph of Copertino

When Old St Joe here wasn’t taking mass (and sometimes when he was) he was often to be found floating about his friary in Apulia, Italy. Despite being as shocked as anyone else by his superhuman feats he wasn’t exactly flavour of the month with the Catholic church, or the pope in particular. Rather than getting the improved contract he almost certainly deserved, he ended up under effective house arrest in Rome. But at least he had good company: his fellow inmate was a chap called Galileo who’d been using something called “science” to explain stuff that God was obviously responsible for. Heretic!

More on St Joseph via The Epoch Times


Buddha (c. 563/480 – c. 483/400 BCE)


Buddha (or Gautama Buddha to give him his full name) is still the primary figure in Buddhism today. Among many stories told about Buddha is an account of him levitating over a stream, cross-legged to convert a brahmin to Buddhism. To be honest, if someone went to the trouble of walking across water to get me to sign up to anything I think you could call me a convert. Buddhist monks still seem to be quite keen on this recruitment method. Check out this Nepalese gentleman performing his very own variation on the theme.


Colin Evans (Early 20th Century)

Colin Evans

Mr Evans of Wales, UK had a couple of difficulties when it came to making a name from levitation. Firstly, his name was Colin Evans. Not nearly mysterious enough. Secondly (and this was the main problem) he was just jumping up in the air and taking a photo. Colin was quickly exposed as a fraudster, performing his trick in a pitch black room and taking a selfie of him looking like a stupid person jumping up in the air and taking a selfie. He might have invented selfies, but not levitation. There's more on Mr Evans here.

David Blaine (1973-)

David Blaine

One of Blaine’s breakthrough tricks was his version of the ‘Balducci’ levitation illusion named for Ed Balducci who explained it in 1973. Basically, if you act like you’re on loads of drugs and stand on one foot at a certain angle and make a big song and dance about how hard it is you can actually convince people you’re floating. You’re not, and he wasn’t, so Blaine eventually moved on to staying in boxes for a long time to make a living instead. Here's a video of David standing on one foot.


The witch test

Women keen on trying their hand at levitation during the 1600s would have been well advised to think twice. A charming fellow by the name of Martin Delrio published 'Disquisitiones magicae' (Magical Investigations) in 1599–1600. It included tips on spotting and dealing with witches. Rather than treating them like a cantankerous old uncle (like dear old St Joseph) they were rather more harshly dealt with. “Weigh them down and sling them in the nearest river” (I’m paraphrasing here) was the advice. After that options were limited: float, and you were a witch and would be burned alive at the stake. Sink and you were innocent (yay) but also dead from drowning (boo). Decisions, decisions…


So there we have our levitators...

If you fancy doing a bit of levitating yourself but can’t be bothered to spend years meditating/developing complicated systems of levers and pulleys/be burnt at the stake/get exposed as a fraudster, then why not pick up a set of ‘Levitating’ espresso cups on Amazon instead?

They’re brand new for 2018 and stock is limited right now so get on board quick.

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