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Livorno Punch Recipe

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Coffee Gator Livorno rum punch recipe

Late one night in 1614, a Saracen boat docked in Livorno harbour in Italy, laden with a cargo of coffee and rum.

It didn’t take long for the local innkeepers to work out a clever way to use these two exciting new ingredients. They soon concocted what would eventually come to be known as Livorno ‘ponce’ or ‘punch’.

Years later, that very recipe is still famed for the restorative effects it once had on cold Livornese sailors over 400 years ago.

Happily, you can easily recreate this magical elixir yourself. Here’s how:

Coffee Gator Livorno rum punch recipe

Just pop a couple of pieces of lemon peel in a glass with two spoons of sugar. Pour in a healthy measure of rum and give it a good stir before adding a shot of hot espresso.

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They keep your drink hot or cold. So they’re perfect for sipping espresso in style or slurping rum like a swashbuckling Livornese pirate.

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