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How to store coffee for maximum joy

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If a good cup of home-brewed coffee makes your life better, then store your coffee beans properly. For the sake of your happiness.

The basic enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light. They destroy the flavor of your beans, ruin your brew and waste all that money you have invested in good quality coffee. It’s time you fight back.


Heat and light

These enemies are fairly easily defeated. Store your coffee at room temperature in a non-transparent canister or in a cupboard. Cupboards next to the oven tend to get too hot. Also, be wary of any spots in your kitchen which get a lot of sunlight.


Air and moisture

Whatever you choose to store your coffee beans, make sure it’s airtight. Check it’s totally dry before you put the coffee inside and avoid any way of letting moisture into the container. For example, putting a damp spoon into it.

Freezing beans is not a great idea. Freezers and fridges are full of water. There’s a lot of condensation flying around and this can easily get into your coffee. When you’re defrosting, even the smallest amount of condensation cause your coffee’s delicious tastes to start dissolving.

Leave freezers for the popsicles.

Buy the right amount…before you store coffee beans


Coffee loses freshness from the moment it’s roasted, so it’s better to buy little and often if you can. If you are passionate about your coffee it’s worth finding yourself a local seller who roasts their own beans.

If you buy whole bean coffee you should grind just enough for your brew right before making it.


Why do Coffee Gator canisters have a one-way air valve?

The valve on top allows carbon dioxide to escape the canister while preventing oxygen back in. Freshly roasted beans emit carbon dioxide as a by-product. If the beans are then ground the amount of carbon dioxide produced increases greatly over a short period of time.

The one-way air valve allows the carbon dioxide to easily escape while not allowing oxygen in. This slows the rate of reaction, which slows the release of carbon dioxide and increases the lifespan of your lovely coffee.

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