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Making pour over coffee that'll make your pet jealous

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Let’s have a show of hands: who here enjoys boring, weak coffee that tastes like it’s been strained through a dirty old gym sock? Nobody - really? Come on, there must be one of you...

Ok, what about those of you who prefer eye-openingly delicious coffee with a full spectrum of flavors that tastes like it was lovingly and expertly brewed by a triple world champion barista? Ok, I’m seeing a lot of hands here…

Remarkable results. It seems to suggest that human beings are genetically predisposed to favor really rather lovely stuff over awfully horrible stuff that sucks.

But how does the average Joe go about making above average joe? Let’s break it down into simple steps gently leading you towards coffee enlightenment.


Step One: Get some coffee (1oz/25g of it)

Ground coffee in a Coffee Gator pour over brewer

In an ideal world, this will be purchased from a local roaster who can recommend it based on what you tell them you like. Alternatively, get it from a supermarket but make sure it shows a roasting date (two weeks after roasting is the generally accepted sweet spot). If at all possible, buy it whole and grind it at home as it’s required.


Step Two: Get some water (13floz/375ml of it to be precise)

Jug of water for a Coffee Gator pour over guide

Tap water will work. We’re not denying that. But it’s full of chemicals scientists have decided will make it safe for us to drink. Bottled, distilled or just boiled water is better. It’s purer, so there’s less in it competing with the flavor of your brew. If that sounds like fussy advice, then press on as you prefer - your forefathers died for your right to free will, you lucky thing.


Step Three: Get a brewer

Pour over coffee is the boss when it comes to getting all the subtle flavors out of coffee. It’s a gentle process when compared to other methods (espresso in particular). Paper filters make a mess, and crucially, absorb cafeol oil which you want in your salivating mouth - not in the trash.

Actual unbiased hint #1: Don’t spend time and money on replacing paper filters. Get a Coffee Gator pour over brewer with a stainless steel filter for a cleaner cuppa. After 42 hours of research, voted it their Number 1 Pour Over Coffee Maker. top 10 pour over coffee makers


Step Four: Put the water on the coffee

You want the coffee ground fine/medium - like caster sugar. You want the water just below boiling point. Too cold and it won’t get the flavor out of the coffee (underexposed). Too hot and your brew will taste bitter and scorched. 205°f (96°c) is about right. 

Entirely unbiased hint #2: A set of our scales takes all the guesswork out of weighing coffee, measuring water and timing your brew. (Fictional statistics suggest guesswork is one of the most unproductive types of work on the market today).

Pour just enough water over the coffee to get it wet. It should ‘bloom’ or puff up a bit if your coffee is nice and fresh.

Coffee blooming in a Coffee Gator pour over brewer

After 30 seconds have another little pour in a spiral motion from the middle - out. Aim to gradually pour all your water through in a total of around 3 minutes.

Totally unbiased hint #4: Our kettles with a lovely gooseneck spout make pouring easy as pie and show you the temperature of the water.


Step 5: Drink the coffee

Arguably the best bit for coffee fans, this. You can quaff it directly from the brewer if you wish but popular convention in civilized societies usually dictates pouring it into a smaller vessel first. A mug for example. Feel free to stick out your pinky and make a terrible smug face in the general direction of any friends, householders or pets in the vicinity.  

Coffee Gator pour over coffee with a dog


Coffee Gator pour over brewer range


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