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How Does Drinking Coffee Improve Workout Intensity?

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When it comes to fitness and performance, athletes and workout enthusiasts use a whole variety of supplements to enhance their abilities. Protein supplements, creatinine, arginine, fat burners, vitamins and countless other supplements have become a necessity for them. Sometimes, people even resort to extreme measures and consume unhealthy and dangerous supplements that would end up hurting them seriously. However, there are food items in everyone’s home that can be used to improve and enhance workout intensity. One such thing which is readily available as well as affordable for everyone is coffee. Yes! Adequate consumption of coffee has many health benefits and it also works as an energy drink. Let us look at how you can intensify your workouts with the help of coffee.


1. Awesome Fat Burner

Some food items are natural fat burners and coffee is one of them. It accelerates your metabolism and burns more calories. If you consume coffee prior to your workout, your body will use your fat to provide for the energy deficiency instead of using glycogen and therefore you will burn more fat during exercise. Coffee also reduces your appetite and therefore reduces your consumption. These coffee abilities are attributed to its caffeine content. When you consume coffee, the caffeine is absorbed in your blood within a few minutes and its peak effect usually begins within 40-60 minutes after consumption; so you should consume it at least 40 minutes prior to training. Research shows that your daily caffeine intake should be relative to your body weight and you should also consider the duration and intensity of your workout. The recommended dose is 5mg per kg of body weight for those people who are at advanced stages of physical activities. However for people who are starting out, the recommended dose is 2 mg per kg of body weight.


2. Enhances Brain Activity

Consuming coffee before training can enhance your focus. People all around the world drink it to keep themselves focused while preparing for their exams. People with night jobs drink it to keep themselves fresh. Consuming coffee in reasonable amounts before working out will keep you focused and mindful when performing various exercises. Experiments conducted on the effects of caffeine have shown that it improves brain performance and also reduces the speed of mental decline that is a result of aging.


3. Helps Pain Management

Coffee makes you feel fresh. It makes you more alert and that is why your brain responds more effectively to sensations of pain and reward. When consumed before workout, it will reduce muscle pain which would enable you to exercise more. Research conducted on a number of men and women showed that coffee consumption helps reduce muscle soreness. This may come in handy particularly for those people who are compelled to give up exercising due to stressed muscles.


4. Enhances Performance

When consumed in low to moderate amounts, caffeine can enhance your physical performance. Consuming the right amount before a workout or training session would allow you to train longer and also enhance your power. It temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure; this results in giving a boost to your athletic performance. Many studies have been conducted on the effects of caffeine on performance and the results have so far proven to be very promising. A recent study has found that consuming 4.45mg of caffeine per kg of body weight can increase your endurance relative to those who do not consume it while performing the same exercise type. Another study found that caffeine intake when combined with carbs can improve your performance by almost 9 %.


5. Strength Training & High Intensity Interval Training

Although more research is needed to establish the relationship between caffeine consumption and its effects on strength training, experts have always recommended it for fueling performance and they swear by the results. Research studies conducted on athletes which are into HIIT have established to a large extent that adequate coffee consumption pre and post workout results in enhanced performance. It boosts energy levels and increases strength due to its utility in reducing muscle soreness.


6. Speeds Up Post Workout Recovery

Ask any athlete, fitness trainer or people who love working out and they will all tell you how important post workout recovery is. A workout routine is usually a number of exercises being performed in a special sequence using all sorts of fitness equipment such as weights and machines. Performed regularly, these workout routines would cause muscle soreness, which is your body’s way of responding to these routines and an attempt to become stronger. However your muscles might get overstressed which may result in inflammation. This would hinder your workout routine and you would require adequate rest. Coffee consumption after workouts will enhance your body’s ability to recover and therefore help your body become more adapted to stress and pain. Caffeine also has the ability to refill your depleted energy stores after exercise. Refilling your energy reserves will allow you to workout better and harder when you hit the gym the next day.


Countless research studies and experiences of fitness trainers have shown that coffee consumption can help athletes perform much better by increasing endurance. Not just that, it has also been found to be effective in speeding up muscle recovery. Pre workout consumption will not only help you stay focused but also reduce pain. However, it should be noted that coffee should be consumed in recommended amounts only. It is not recommended for people who have hypertension or women who are pregnant. Excessive consumption of caffeine can also disturb your digestive system and in some extreme cases it is known to cause stomach ulcers. Excessive consumption right before going to bed can result in insomnia, therefore be responsible with coffee consumption and always follow expert advice. Do your homework before using coffee as a pre workout energy drink or a post workout recovery drink.

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