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Gator Five Step Travel Cup Brew and Go Guide

by Adam Jenkins on March 15, 2019

Pour over travel cup blog

THE COFFEE GATOR THERMAL TRAVEL CUP makes brewing amazing, ready-to-go coffee as easy as falling off a three-wheeled skateboard.

Here's how pour over coffee is done to absolute perfection (but a bare minimum of fuss).

Warm your gear

Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup guide - heat equipment

This common sense tip is often overlooked. If something starts hot, it stays hotter longer. So pour some hot water through the filter and into the cup before you get started. Pour it away (or save it) when you're ready to start brewing.

Grind some coffee

Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup guide - weigh coffee

Let's get this straight: there won't be an irreversible calamity if you use pre-ground coffee. But at the same time, coffee deteriorates massively once it's ground. So the smart choice is grinding it as you need it. In this case, you'll want to start off with 0.7 ounces (20g) of medium-course coffee.

Put the coffee in the filter

Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup guide - Grind some coffee

Already said it really. Put the coffee in the filter. Is it in yet? Good. Let's move on.

Heat some water

Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup guide - Heat water

Baristas will argue till they're blue in the face about the right temperature for brewing. Some will swear blind it depends on the altitude coffee was grown at or what the weather happens to be like that day.

You might want to test this yourself.

If not, your best bet is 12 floz (350ml) water at around 202°F (95°C). HINT: We sell a gooseneck kettle with a built-in thermometer that makes getting the temperature right a doddle.

Pour over

Coffee Gator pour over brewing travel cup guide - pour over

This bit is where 'pour over coffee' got its name. You'll want to pour in a spiral motion from the center to the outer edge of the brewer. The first pour just wets all the coffee so it can start to bloom.

Repeat this until you've poured all the water in around three minutes in total.

Put a lid on it

Open the two latches on the lid and push it on nice and firmly. Let the steam escape for a moment or two then close the flaps.

Well done. You are now a fully-fledged mobile coffee expert. Collect your certificate at the door.

Coffee Gator pour over travel cup range


Pour over travel cup unboxing



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