Gator Coffee Trends 2019 Report

by Adam Jenkins on September 23, 2019

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report

THE WORLD OF COFFEE waits for no one and 2019 has been no different. But it's also been a year of consolidation as well as innovation. Run your eye over six trends we think 2019 can't manage without.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Milk Alternatives

As more and more of us look for an alternative for cow juice, soy has dominated the milk replacement scene. But increasingly it’s had to answer questions over nutritional value, our ability to absorb those nutrients and even sustainability.

Our thirst for milk isn’t going anywhere, but the sources might well change. Expect to see the likes of almond, cashew, macadamia, coconut and rice milk forcing their way towards the top of the menu in your local coffee house. Demand for oat milk has recently caused shortages in the US and UK so perhaps oat is the alternative to pin your hopes on.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Cascara

So new it’s illegal (in certain places).

Cascara means ‘husk’ or ‘skin’ in Spanish and when it comes to coffee it refers to the fruit that surrounds the bean. Traditionally discarded, it’s starting to become popular for its health benefits. It’s been claimed cascara contains more iron per gram than spinach, more fiber per gram than whole-grain flour, more antioxidants per gram than a pomegranate, and more protein per gram than kale.

Whether that’s true or not, cascara is kind of a halfway house between coffee and tea with a sweet, fruity taste with notes of mango rosehip, hibiscus, and cherry.

Seen as an industry bi-product until recently and only used as compost, it’s not yet been certified as safe in the EU. So depending on where you live, the hardest part of trying out this trend might be getting hold of it.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Cold Brew

Once an indie cult classic, cold brew coffee has finally forced its way out of the little leagues into mainstream public consciousness. The original cold-brew consuming hipsters are being forced to accept the fact that they’ll soon walk in on their parents (or even grandparents) getting in on the act.

To stay cutting edge consider brewing your own unique variations infused with orange or lemon rind or a seasonal classic like cinnamon.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Magic Coffee

Hailing from the home of the flat white, the magic is a concoction starting to get a foothold outside of Australia. In fairness, it’s basically just a smaller, stronger flat white so even if your local barista hasn’t heard of a magic you can easily walk them through it.

Take a ristretto (a ‘restricted espresso’ that uses only the first half of the shot), pour steamed milk over it into a 5 ½ ounce (160ml) cup. Coffee heaven if you like it short and strong.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is starting to establish itself as a common sight on coffee house countertops. Injecting nitrogen into cold brew and serving it through a draft system results in a thick creamy coffee that shares enough similarities with draft beer that it’s become an alternative to the harder stuff.

Don’t panic if that lack of kick causes you a problem - there are plenty of alcoholic versions out there to choose from.

Coffee Gator 2019 Trend Report - Pour Over
Why does pour over coffee make the list? True, it’s so well established it’s hard to consider it a trend. But the rise of pour over coffee has had a weird effect on the industry recently.

The largest independent US coffee roasters like Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle have now been acquired by giants like JAB Holdings and Nestlé. These big-hitters want people spending, not waiting. So they’re trying to push consumers and chains back towards production line machine methods that brew a cup in seconds.

Perhaps pour over will always be a trend. Something to smile about for those of us who enjoy the ritual of coffee with character at a slightly slower pace.

by Tim on September 26, 2019

Actually LOVE your French press … best coffee and enough for 2 people … and it STAYS HOT!

by Steve Wrigley on September 24, 2019

I gave up my Keurig and went back to pour over with my single cup cone filter set-up. Saved a bunch of counter space and can get a great cup in 5 minutes.

by michael reid hunter on September 24, 2019

Thanks for your daily blog (and your fabulous pour over pitcher and filter!)
Learning lots, and my coffee consumption and quality has skyrocketed! Keep ‘em coming!


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