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From Italy with Love ūüáģūüáĻ

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We love helping people drink better coffee. If we know we've done that then we feel like we did our job.

Sometimes we get to hear about it - you send us some photos and videos and that makes it all even more worthwhile. One caught my eye recently that I had to share with you. 

If you know Italians, you know their devotion to espresso. So just getting them to try something else can be quite an achievement.

The handsome chap below is Lorenzo. He's from Florence (don't let the picture of Central Park confuse you). He gave our pour over brewer a spin. In his own words, this is his coffee story. 

 Hey Guys,

Phil shared his story about his coffee experience, so I want to share mine with you.First of all I would like to let you know that I am italian (so, sorry for my english... is not easy for me to communicate without the use of hands!) and I live in Florence: home of the Fiorentina Steak and Chianti Wines.

Talking about coffee, as i said, I am Italian and here the only go-to for coffee is Espresso. Everything that is longer than a shot of coffee is called "The American Coffee" and is not a compliment...

So when I bought your pour over coffee maker I didn't said anything to anyone...
When it arrived at my door I finally showed it to my GF, proud of my purchase and ready to explore the vastity of coffee flavor. Obviously my GF looked at me like i was the king of the weirdos stating "Honey, we already have an espresso machine at home...". I tried to explain to her that this is a different thing, a little bit more wider on the flavour-side... She just left the kitchen.

I was expecting something like that to happened, so i just nodded and prepared my self to taste my very-first-self-made-pour-over coffee.

Get my kettle ready, scale, grinder, coffee beams, Gator Coffee pour over and mug. I got everything ready.

The water is at the right temperature, coffee beams have already been grinded to medium coarse.... Pre-headed the pour over coffee maker, placed the coffee on the filter....

I am ready to initiate the blooming. 30 seconds in, I am ready to pour the rest of water in constant circles.

I think that I looked like some kind of crazy scientist during the procedure but i enjoyed every step of it. :D

Put the coffee in the mug, I am ready to take the first sip... It was kind of good but the flavor was not the best: too much bitter and sour. For sure I've done something wrong... the following times I've experienced with grinds, time of brewing and water temperature to emphasize the flavor of my coffee.

It has now become my coffee ritual that I perform to relax and enjoy my free time.
I am starting to understand better all the flavors of coffee event if, almost all the roasters here, prepare coffee beams for espresso.

But that's something that almost excite me: My search for a friendly roaster that prepares nice blends it's just begun and I am very excited.

So, guys, thank you very much for your passion about coffee and your great and friendly products: You made an Italian-Espresso-Lover move outside his boundaries and explore new territories!I wish you all the best!


Thanks, Lorenzo - you're a gentleman ‚úĆÔłŹ¬†

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