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From Depresso To Espresso (a poem)

Posted by Coffee Gator
From depresso to espresso - Coffee Gator stovetop espresso maker on Amazon
When you’re running on fumes and in need of a lift
and you’re generally feeling depresso’d,
Then your shortcut to putting more spring in your step
is a classic Italian espresso

But it’s raining outside and your umbrella's bust,
wouldn’t stand half a chance in this twister
It’s coffee you need, it’s essential, a must
But you’re miles from the nearest barista

‘If only’, you curse, to your foolish past-self,
You’d have taken the time to prepare
And sat willing and waiting on a quiet kitchen shelf
Just at the foot of the stairs...

...was a simple machine that could make dreams come true,
And whip up a shot in a flash
With no need to even put on your shoes,
And saving you plenty of cash

A Gator moka does all this and more,
It’s your friendly domestic hero
Just for simple espresso, or you can pour,
Lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos

So don’t hang about or procrastinate
Don’t expect stock to hang around
At these prices tomorrow might just be too late
So click on the button right now

From zero to hero in five seconds flat
You’ll never get anything lesser
With Gator you’re guaranteed far more than that:
More smiles and coffee that’s quite simply better

Coffee Gator stovetop espresso maker


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