Five Simple Tweaks for Massive Coffee Gains

by Adam Jenkins on December 23, 2018


Coffee Gator teams up with Home Grounds founder, Alex to bring you five tweaks that will go a long way to helping you enjoy a better cup.

Alex from Homegrounds

For anyone not already in the know about Homegrounds, they’re a crack team of coffee enthusiasts and hobbyists. Their mission (possible) is dispelling myths so you can get maximum enjoyment from coffee in all its many wondrous forms.

Check out their quick wins for huge improvements to your coffee game.


If you haven’t noticed, over the last few years Third Wave coffee has brought the “coffee craze” to a whole new level.

No longer is a cup ‘a joe simply some pre-ground Maxwell House run through a drip brewer.

Coffee is officially the new “wine” of the cuisine world, and with its newfound respect, there are several little tweaks that we’ve come to find that can genuinely increase the quality of your brew.

1- Use good brewing equipment

Now, before you roll your eyes and move on to the next tip, hear us out. 

Is your brewing equipment really set up to deliver a quality brew? Or is it a cheap Black Friday deal that you nabbed at Walmart ten years ago? We’re not just asking if it’s expensive. Some of the best brewers cost under $50 - a small price to pay for endless awesome brews.

But you want to make sure that you’re using a tried and true brewer if you want your coffee to remain consistently delicious.

2 - Use good water

Homegrounds Coffee Gator blog - use good water

Get rid of that tap water! Pure, unfiltered tap water is loaded with chemicals and other unwanted variables that, while not necessarily dangerous, have the potential to drag the taste of your coffee down into the muck.

Here’s an article we put together that addresses what you kind of water you want to get depending on your brewing situation. (Hint: it’s not always the same!)

3 - Know your grind

Homegrounds Coffee Gator blog - know your grind

The grind of your coffee beans is one of the most critical factors in brewing, especially in an era where your choice of brewing style can vary so dramatically.

Why? Because it affects just how strong your coffee is going to be! For example, a dripper is going to need that classic finer powder in order to deliver a full extraction and a balanced cup. A French press, on the other hand, is going to need a much coarser grind so that it doesn’t turn into a sludge that will take the hair right off your chest!

With that in mind, we suggest that you make sure that your grind matches your brewing style and that you have a quality grinder to keep things consistent from one brew to the next!

4 - Pairing beans with brew styles

Homegrounds Coffee Gator blog - pairing beans with brew styles

This next one is a little bit trickier but just as important.

You want to match the kind of beans you’re buying with the brewing style you’re using.

This includes two key factors: bean origin and roast. A dark-roasted batch of earthy Sumatran beans, for example, are going to do really well in a French Press, while a lighter roast from Kenya might fair better in a pour over style.

Whatever you choose to go with, this is the part of your brewing journey where you can really let loose and have some exploratory fun. There are no definitively right or wrong answers here, after all, though there are certainly guidelines that can help get you on the right track.

5 - Rinse your filters

This last tip covers more than just reusable filters. If you’re using a portafilter, reusable drip basket, French press, etc. you obviously need to be rinsing your filters whenever you brew. This is important because otherwise, you’re allowing old coffee ground leftovers to be incorporated into your next brew.

But on top of that, even if you use a paper filter you still want to make sure to run some water through it beforehand. This washes out any of the paper flavor and helps your cup remain as unsullied as possible!

The best brew you can do

And there you have it. Five quick and easy tips that can completely revolutionize your brewing experience.

The best part about all of these is that they don’t require any large upfront investments. We’re not asking you to drop $5k on a top of the line espresso machine here!

But the truth is, it’s the little things like quality brewers, good water, a consistent grind, rinsing out your filters, and pairing up those beans with your brewing style that can turn a mediocre cup of coffee into one that you’re going to be craving the second you get out of bed.

If you’re interested in reading about more great coffee ideas, here’s the Homegrounds list of 35 of the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers!

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