Five Minute Masterclass: French Press – Coffee Gator

Five Minute Masterclass: French Press

by Adam Jenkins on July 18, 2019

Coffee Gator Five Minute Masterclass - French Press

A BENCH PRESS is the ultimate no-nonsense way to produce incredible results in the gym.

A French press is the ultimate no-nonsense way to produce incredible results anywhere you like.

A clear advantage I'm sure you'll agree.

As with any press you can think of (bench, French, trench, wrench or otherwise) perfect form and technique is essential.

Our Five Minute Masterclass on French press coffee brewing will ensure your technique never fails you at the critical moment.


What you'll need

Coffee Gator French Press Five Minute Masterclass

Get your hands on some good coffee.

Use 2.6oz (75g) of it to 34floz (1l) water in a Gator brewer. Stick to the same ratio of water to coffee if your brewer is a different size.

A local roaster is the ideal place to check first. It'll be fresh and they'll be able to recommend something well-suited to French press brewing. Grind it at home if you can.

Failing that, get it pre-ground from the supermarket. It won't be as good but we don't live in an ideal world and some coffee is better than no coffee.

You'll also need water (try bottled or distilled for optimum results), a kettle (we can help with that) and of course, a French press (we can definitely help with that).


Warm your gear

If you like it hot, warm your brewer and cups by filling them with hot water first. You can pour it away once you're ready to brew.


Grind the coffee

A fine to medium grind is best for French press. Too small and the grounds will slip through the filter into the cup (horrible). Too big and the coffee will come out weak and watery (also horrible). The better the grinder, the more likely the grounds will all be a uniform size and the more balanced your coffee will taste.


Heat your water

Something magical happens to coffee when you brew it with water at 205°f (96°c). Aim for that if you can.

If you can't be certain then water just off the boil from a kettle will do it.

Put the coffee in the press, pour in the water, give it a good stir and put the lid on.

Coffee Gator French Press Five Minute Masterclass

The Brew

After 4 minutes give it another good stir then spoon off any grounds that stay on the surface (they've done their job at this point).

If you're using a regular glass French press you can plunge and pour at this point.

If you're using a Gator press then you've got the option to continue the brew a bit longer. You'll get extra flavor benefits and don't need to worry about the coffee getting cold because of the double-wall insulation.

After another 5 minutes you've got two options:

1. The standard satisfying plunge
2. Partial plunge

Option 2 has the benefit of not stirring up the sediment so you'll find it less silty. Just press the plunger until you feel it touch the surface then leave the lid on and pour the coffee out through the filter.

That's it, folks. You're now a French press coffee master. Enjoy.



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Shop Coffee Gator French press range

by Richard Pütz on August 31, 2019

The best press I have ever owned. The stainless steel is perfect. makes cleaning easy. I brew my coffee for 9 min. total. for future products how about a carafe to store coffee in when guest come over, and brewing multiple pots
Great products

by Adam from Coffee Gator on July 31, 2019

Hey Doug, total of 9/10 minutes with a stir halfway through works well with our French press as it’s insulated. If you’re using a glass one you’ll probably want to just stick to the 5. Hope that helps!

by Doug Humble on July 24, 2019

I’m a little confused. You state, “After 4 minutes give it another good stir then spoon off any grounds that stay on the surface (they’ve done their job at this point).”
Then you say, “After another 5 minutes you’ve got two options:”
Are you letting it brew for 10 minutes or just 5?


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