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13 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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The nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air, and the festive season is a mere shake of Rudolph’s tail away.

For me, Christmas is all about gifts. Ahem, I mean comfort…set by a roaring fire framed by hanging stockings, with a marshmallow or two being toasted to a tasty black cinder, and my favorite drink steaming by my side. For some it’s a warming glass of eggnog, others a mug of cider, but for me, holly jolly old ‘Cuppa Joe’ is guaranteed to warm the cockles, morning, noon, or night!

Choosing the Best Gift for Coffee Lovers

When you’re looking for coffee gifts, it really does pay to know your beans! From where the bean is grown, to the roast, and the all-important brew, the ‘best’ coffee is a matter of taste, and taste! Whether you’re rigid about Robusta beans or you’re loyal to Liberica, the four main coffee beans can be found worldwide, grown in different climates, offering a bounty of different textures and flavors. Perhaps the best rule of thumb is to buy ethically grown beans which support local farmers and then do a bit of homework on how they get from the tree to your cup…

For example, the Kopi Luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries which have been eaten, and (gulp) digested by the Asian Palm Civet. The coffee cherries are fermented as they pass through the Civet… creating a distinct and much sought-after flavor. Kopi Luwak coffee beans are one of the most expensive coffees in the world retailing between $100 - $1,300 per kilo.

When looking for gifts for coffee addicts, it’s always good to know how to label the gift correctly! Dear Coffee Aficionado, Dear Coffeeholic, or perhaps just Dear Dad will do the trick!

13 Holiday Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Whether you’re treating yourself this Christmas, or you’re selflessly looking for gifts for coffee lovers for a significant other, we have just the selection of gloriously caffeine-inspired goodies designed to give a euphoric festive kick that even their beloved coffee can’t match.

13. Home Barista Starter Kit

barista starter kit

Well, for those new to the coffee scene, there’s only one place to start. For the ultimate coffee lover gifts, forget uninspiring coffeehouse store cards, and introduce them to drinking coffee the right way, with this unbeatable Coffee Gator barista starter kit. Featuring a date-tracking, airtight bean canister, a temperature-controlled kettle, and, most importantly, a reusable pour-over coffee carafe, for a truly smooth brew.

12. Pour-Over Coffee Brewer Travel Mug

pink thermal travel cup

If your coffee lover is a little further down the caffeine love-train, then you’ll know that one cup is never enough. For those whose ‘amour’ for the golden pour has progressed to mapping every hipster coffee house in the tri-state area, this coffee Christmas gift is hard to beat. Say hello to the thermal, pour-over coffee brewer travel mug, guaranteeing piping-hot or delightfully chilled coffee, whenever, wherever. It’s also available in a fetching pink for those who want their coffee with a little extra swagger.

11. Milk Frother

milk frother

Now, if you’re thinking, ‘been there, done that’, how about getting a little artistic with your coffee gift ideas? Your coffee lover may have mastered the bean grind, optimal-temperature water pour, and of course, the obsessive coffee sniff, but have they attempted the ancient and revered custom of milk art?! The MOMA of coffee accessories, gifts don’t get much better than this milk frother - marvel as they transform the morning brew into a Cappuccino worthy of Cassat.

10. Cold Brew Coffee Brewer Kit

cold brew coffee kit

For those who simply can’t bear the thought of an acidic, bitter brew, and wax-lyrical at the undeniable cold brew health benefits (it boosts your metabolism, may reduce your risk of heart disease, and can be easier on your stomach) then this cold brew coffee brewer kit has their name on it.

9. Air-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

coffee gator air roasted whole beans

Available in an airtight, ultra-convenient 16-oz bag, our whole bean coffee makes for the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. Choose from three different roasts—light, medium, or dark—each with a sublime and artisanal flavor that'll delight any serious coffee drinker.

We stand by our beans. Gift the experience of drinking air-roasted coffee for the first time.

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Here’s where we enter a whole new realm of obsession, ahem, I mean, dedication… If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for coffee snobs, you’ve come to the right place.

8. Digital Coffee Scale

digital coffee scale

It’s time to get serious. Forget generic scoops designed for mere mortals. For those who are exacting in their standards, only a precise bean/water ratio will do. Check out these stylish gadgets for coffee lovers - digital, multifunctional coffee scales - essential for the perfect percolation.

7. Espresso Moka Pot

moka pot

Throw out that old diner-style coffee maker and look to the Mediterranean for inspiration. It’s a fact that the Italians know their coffee, and if you’ve never tasted the smooth, rich, crema produced by a moka pot, you haven’t lived. If you want the best gifts for espresso lovers, this stunning stove top brewer comes with two perfectly proportioned espresso cups. Saluti!

6. French Press Coffee Maker

french press

No true coffee snob is complete without a classic French press adorning their countertop. Elegant, practical, and more importantly, with a volume of 34oz, this professional-grade brewer means business. Plus, it’s available in 4 different colors. If you want Christmas gifts for coffee lovers, these are a shoo-in for Santa.

5. Stainless-Steel Coffee Canister

coffee bean canister

If the object of your affections, or caffeine-fueled bestie, has every brewer on the market, and you really are stuck on what to get a coffee lover, they may not yet have the Tesla of bean storage… After all, where would the perfect cup of coffee be, without a perfectly preserved bean?

Available in three sizes, this Coffee Gator stainless-steel coffee canister comes with a pre-installed date tracker, CO2-release valve, and measuring scoop. Forget guess work, this is science.

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For the coffee nut that truly has everything (even a questionable bean tattoo on their bicep), it might be time to break the habit. What better opportunity than the holidays to ease them in with these fantastic alternative presents for coffee lovers.

4. Culinary Matcha

culinary matcha

If you haven’t yet tried Matcha, have you been living under a rock?! It offers a healthy way to get the same coffee caffeine kick, without the inevitable crash. Matcha is also bursting with antioxidants, can help boost brain function, and is even known to speed up the metabolism. Stuff a pouch of this culinary grade matcha into their stocking, and your coffee lover will be swapping out their Red Eye for a Matcha Latte in no time.

3. Organic Blooming Tea

blooming tea

For a more delicate, soothing, and quite honestly beautiful way to enjoy an afternoon beverage, help them forget coffee related gifts with this extraordinary blooming tea. Each bundle features organic green tea and calendula flowers, for a stunning, ‘blooming’ effect right before your eyes. Christmas morning never looked so magical!

2. Jasmine Green Tea

jasmine pearl tea

If you’re looking for a more traditional coffee alternative, perhaps this delicious jasmine green tea will be the gift to flourish! Naturally caffeinated, other coffee gifts will be a thing of the past as they enjoy a long-lasting, calm energy boost as the delicate green tea ‘pearls’ unfold in their cup.

1. Glass Teapot with Tea Infuser


If any of the above have got your inner Christmas elf dancing for joy, perhaps this beautiful glass teapot with tea infuser is the perfect accompaniment you’ve been looking for. Designed for loose leaf tea, or simply to showcase your unfurling blooming tea, it makes quite the centerpiece for the breakfast table on Christmas morning. Did we say gifts for coffee lovers? How about gifts for reformed coffee lovers?

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A Final Festive Thought

Second perhaps to both air and water, you could say coffee has become something of a daily pre-requisite in most of our lives, and with the holidays just around the corner, these Christmas gifts for coffee lovers might just deserve their place under the tree.

Enjoy ‘java’ the right way this festive season and celebrate in style.

Contributing Writer: Lucy Cudden

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