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Four cups of coffee per day is officially good for your skin (says SCIENCE)!

on October 23, 2018

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Good news if you're fond of coffee and your skin.

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work that out we’re fans of coffee here at Coffee Gator (the clue is in the name).

So if we tell you that coffee is the greatest thing since they invented the wheel and started using it to deliver sliced bread, then you could be forgiven for thinking we might be a little biased. That’s fair enough.

But what if it was researchers from Brown and Harvard Universities telling you? You’d believe them, right? Course you would. They’re smart cookies, that lot.

That big bunch of clever clogs have recently published research that found people who drank four cups of coffee a day had a 23% lower risk of suffering from a common skin condition that’s annoying at best, life-changing at worst.

This wasn’t just the finding from a few people either - 82,737 subjects took part in the study since trials began in 1989.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory complaint that causes red flushing, usually on the face. Symptoms can come and go without warning, usually lasting a few weeks. It’s incredibly frustrating and distressing for sufferers.

The study found coffee drinkers were less likely to be diagnosed with rosacea and other inflammatory conditions than those who drank it less often or not at all. Interestingly, caffeine from other sources (energy drinks, tea, chocolate etc) wasn’t found to lower the chances of triggering the condition.

These findings are directly contradictory to previous advice. In the past, medical practitioners have commonly advised avoiding coffee, fearing it to be a trigger.

So what now?

In short: drink coffee. It’s not been shown to cure rosacea but it does seem to indicate that the more coffee you drink, the lower the risks. Experts say it provides evidence to support the theory that compounds in coffee - caffeine in particular - are antioxidants that can suppress inflammation.

What will it cost?

According to fastfoodmenuprices a 12oz standard Starbucks coffee (Tall if you prefer their lingo) is $2.37. The four coffees per day that the test results found most beneficial would cost $9.48. That’s $66.36 per week and, assuming it’s not a leap year, a grand total $3,460.20 a year. Imagine telling your grandparents you spent that much on coffee.

To make four cups of pour over per day you need 4 ounces of coffee. Using Death Wish Coffee as an example, you can get it for 95 cents per ounce if you ‘subscribe and save’ on Amazon. That works out at a much more palatable $3.80 a day or $1,387 a year.  That’s a total saving of £2,073.20 per year versus buying from Starbucks.

Coffee Gator blog rosacea benefits of coffee 4 cups per day Starbucks price comparison vs Death Wish coffee

Of course, that’s not even going to be the cheapest and your best bet will almost always be finding a local roaster you trust and buying directly from them.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need something awesome to brew it in. That’s where Coffee Gator comes in.

How to drink it?

We have a range of brewing equipment designed with the singular goal of helping you Drink Better Coffee.

Coffee Gator range

If you’re after all the delicate flavors that other brewing methods can’t provide then a pour over brewer is your best bet. Ours are made with stainless steel filters that offer the cleanest flavor. They also mean you’re not constantly buying wasteful, single-use paper filters that just end up in the trash.

A Coffee Gator French press makes enough coffee for a family and keeps it hotter-for-longer with a vacuum-layer of stainless steel. Enjoy coffee as it should be for as long as you need it from the hottest brewer you’re ever likely to lay eyes on.

Our travel cups use the same filter as the glass brewers with the added benefit of being ready to brew and go. They’re made from stainless steel with a layer of copper sealed inside to trap heat and keep your coffee for the trot.

Hint: Pair these brewers with a gooseneck pour over kettle with a built-in thermometer for a steady flow of water at the perfect brewing temperature.

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