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Beginner's guide to pour over coffee

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If you're new to pour over coffee take these tips as a foundation to get brewing.

However, there are many variables involved in brewing awesome coffee: beans, number of cups you’re making, pour time and equipment are just some of them.

Ultimately, my friend, you're going to have to experiment to find the brew that puts a smile on your face.

Having said that, there a few simple things you can do to set yourself off on the path to success.

1. Get the water temperature right

Too hot and your coffee ends up burnt and bitter. Too cold and it’s doesn’t extract flavor properly.

If you're using a Coffee Gator kettle heat your water until it’s within the highlighted green brew range (195˚-205˚F) on the thermometer.

With a boring old regular kettle bring the water to the boil and let it cool for around 2 minutes.

2. Grind it

Coffee starts to deteriorate to some extent as soon as it's roasted and even quicker once it's ground. So if you love great coffee then freshly ground beans are essential.

For pour over coffee, grind to something around the size of sea salt. (French press brewing requires a slightly coarser grind).

Here’s a rough idea of the amount you need according to the volume of water you want to add.

Coffee to water ratio for pour over brewing

3. Heat your gear

Pour some water through your dripper and into the carafe (or whatever receptacle you've plumped for) to warm everything up nicely.

If you're using a brewer that needs paper filters you’ll need to pour hot water through them to get rid of the paper taste.

Empty the hot water out then add your grinds to the dripper. Now comes the fun part.

4. Get the right bloom

Start pouring at the center of dripper, working your way out to the sides. Pour about 50 grams of water or 2 times the amount of coffee you use.

Wait 30 seconds for coffee to “bloom” and release CO2.

5. Pour like a pro

Continue pouring evenly from the center of the dripper, outward in a circular path.

Pouring should take an additional 2.5 – 3 minutes. 

Coffee Gator pour over brewer range



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