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All You Need to Know About Dark Roast Coffee

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Much like the endless void of space, dark roast coffee is a dark, beautiful, and mysterious masterpiece. Unlike the endless void of space however (as far as I know), dark roast coffee is delicious, smooth, and fits in my mug.

Dark roast coffee is one of the most popular and widely-sipped kinds in the world, and has been around long before the likes of light and medium roasts began making their way into the world of caffeine. Dark roast has been with us in the form of various Vienna roasts, French Roasts, Italian Roasts, even roasts from Sumatra and Colombia. From the highest-end latte from a French cafe down to a basic cup of joe from the diner, dark roast coffee is there providing us with that smooth, bold taste and jolt of energy.

There are many differences between light, medium, and dark roasts - this article is predominantly for dark roast, but you can find a basic rundown of the differences in this useful Coffee Gator article!

What is Dark Roast Coffee?

Dark roast coffee is, as the name would suggest, the darkest of the 3 types. These beans are roasted the longest, which allows for an oil-like sheen to develop on the surface - making the beans super glossy and easily identifiable. Because of the lengthy roasting time, the flavors that derived from the bean are almost completely roasted out. Because it’s roasted out, the fragrance of dark coffee is smoky, bold, and super smooth! That bold smoothness is what makes dark roast coffee a fan favorite in the caffeine world.

Dark Roast vs. Light Roast Coffee

Light roast and dark roast are truly the yin and yang of coffee. Because dark roast coffee is roasted a little longer than light, they take on a bit more of the taste that comes with the roasting process. Dark roast coffees are also typically a little less bitter than light roast, and don't contain quite as many antioxidants.

Medium vs. Dark Roast Coffee

The difference between medium roast and dark roast coffee is fairly simple as well: dark roast beans are the darkest, because they’re roasted the longest. This is important, because the amount of roasting is pivotal to the flavor. Dark roast beans are almost completely stripped of original flavor, leaving them with a bolder taste and less acidity than medium or light roasts. Medium roasts differ because you can still taste some of the original flavor.

Does Dark Roast Coffee Have More Caffeine?

No. While a lot of people will wonder how much caffeine is in dark roast coffee based on the color, that actually has nothing to do with it. Dark roasted coffee has about just as much caffeine as light and medium roasts!

How Strong is Dark Roast Coffee?

The caffeine in dark roast coffee varies depending on how you prepare it: cold brew coffee contains the most (200mg or higher), while dark roast espresso has the least (at around 45-70mg per shot). In short, it doesn’t matter which kind of coffee bean you have - it’s the method and amount that determine how much energy you get!

Which Brewing Methods Make the Best Dark Roast Coffee?

While this obviously varies based on individual preference, it is generally agreed upon that there are two particular brewing methods that make the best dark roast coffee: the French press method and the espresso maker method.

Using a French press (like Coffee Gator’s) will give you a silky, smooth, and full-bodied cup of coffee that can make up to 4 cups at a time for you and your caffeine crazed pals. The espresso method, on the other hand, provides a taste different to any other method. With an espresso maker, the taste of the grounds is amplified, creating a concentrated and strong-yet-smooth shot of caffeine.

Looking to try these methods, but don’t have everything you need? Feel free to check out our collection of amazing coffee equipment to find amazing equipment to get your cold brew craze started!

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Drinking Dark Roast Coffee Cold vs. Hot

Hot dark roast coffee extracts more antioxidants from the grounds than cold brew, which only increases with the amount the beans are roasted, making it healthier in this regard. The temperature also allows more of the roasted flavor to be enjoyed, as cold brew typically dilutes it.

Cold dark roast coffee contains compounds that can protect your stomach from some of the acidity. According to Best Health Magazine, this can cause fewer acid reflux and digestive issues than hot coffee. Dark roast cold brew can also be very satisfying - the smoothness of the dark roast pairs perfectly with the cold brew method.

Which Foods Are Good to Drink Dark Roast Coffee With?

Pairing the right beverage with the right food can make or break a meal, and coffee is no exception to that rule. While you can pair dark coffee with essentially any meal, it is generally agreed that dark coffee goes best with a savory dinner and delicious dessert! Here are some savory dishes and dessert foods that pair perfectly with your dark coffee:

For Dinner: Any fatty meats and sweet sauces pair excellently with dark roast coffee! Dishes including bacon, meatballs, meatloaf, and hearty breads will do the trick.

For Dessert: Bold flavors like milk and dark chocolate are perfect for dark roast! Try desserts with caramel and hazelnut spread as well for the perfect mix of sweet and bitter.

Choosing the Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Now that you know just how complex coffee beans can be, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed by the idea of selecting the best dark roast coffee beans for you! I know I would be. But, I have the answer: the best place to start is right here!

Our dark air-roasted coffee beans are a perfect foundation for starters or seasoned coffee pros. These beans are air-roasted to create a smooth flavor that won’t make you pucker up with bitterness or sourness. Air-roasting allows the skin of the bean, the most flavorful part, to stay on and keep its oil - leaving you with a bold and super smooth brew.

Looking for info on other coffee beans types? Check out our blogs on light and medium beans too! 

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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