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7 good reasons why you need a decent coffee grinder in your life right now

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Coffee Gator manual precision burr grinder

At Coffee Gator, everything we sell is thought-through, planned, trialled, tested and re-tested to breaking-point.

Nothing will find its way to your inbox, screen or door until we're absolutely certain it will help you #DrinkBetterCoffee.

But we don't just expect you to trust us (even though you definitely can). So we put together a list of 7 good reasons why a Coffee Gator grinder is right up your street. (Of course, there are plenty more than 7 good reasons to get one but we heard that 7 is the magic number if you want people to read these things ūüėČ).


It's made of premium-grade stainless steel. That means it won't rust or break. The burrs are also steel so they're incredibly sharp and accurate. That means uniform-sized individual grains of coffee which add up to an amazing brew.


Stainless steel beats blades and ceramic every time. Ceramic burrs are strong, but they can't be made as sharp as steel. Blunt blades mean random-sized grains of coffee. Bladed grinders are even worse, churning out nearly whole pieces and dust at the same time which do not make for happy coffee drinkers.

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You're in control. With 15 easily selected settings you'll find what works for you and easily be able to return to it. Most manual grinders are a bit of a lottery when it comes to selecting grind size. Some you can't change all! Now you'll never have to guess roughly how many turns of a tiny screw you need for that one decent brew your old grinder made that one time (once).

Coffee Gator manual precision burr grinder on YouTube


Maintenance is a breeze. You'll feel like Mary Poppins cleaning this thing. Just unscrew the burr, rinse, wipe with a damp cloth, dry and screw back on. All you need to remember is what setting you had it on then you can get straight back to that in a flash.


Batteries and cords are a thing of the past. Easily grind amazing fresh coffee under your own steam with no electricity needed. This can only be a good thing for the environment, right? So now you can drink stunning coffee AND feel smug about it at the same time. You lucky thing.

Coffee Gator manual precision burr grinder


It's so easy to use, a child could do it. But for goodness sake please don't let them get their fingers near the burrs. In fact, just trust us on this, a child could use it but do it yourself. The magnetically secured handle lifts off, along with the lid and in go your beans. Turn handle. Grind beans. Enjoy.


It looks drop-dead gorgeous. Just look at the curves. Some say it was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's curves. Some say the design was based on engraved golden plates found buried in a mountain. This is not true. We just thought this shape looked awesome and as you can see, we were right.


Stealth grinding. This is one for the coffee-drinkers who like to get up and enjoy fresh coffee in glorious peace and solitude. It's got a beautifully quiet operation (especially compared to electric) so you can make the freshest of fresh brews without waking the whole house up. You're so zen!

SALES: Our new grinder is currently available to purchase via amazon.com

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