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2015: My photos in the bathtub

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IT WAS A LITTLE AWKWARD to say the least.

I was on my knees...on my bathroom floor...trying to take a photo of a coffee canister...in a bathtub...while trying to make it look like it was not in a bathtub.

Bizarre I realize...

I didn’t have money for a proper photoshoot of the very first Coffee Gator product, so I was improvising. I’d read online that if you didn’t have a ‘whitebox’ (used for taking photos on a white background) a bathtub could be used instead - so long as there wasn’t too much scum on it. Good thing I’m a clean person 😆

Here’s one of my "professional" bathtub snaps 📸...

Coffee Gator canister bathtub photoshoot blog

That was exactly 4 years ago, right at the start of my Coffee Gator journey. Things have changed a lot since then.

These days our canisters...and our images…look A LOT better (but the downside is you don’t see my bath anymore 😂)

Coffee Gator canister bathtub photoshoot blog

Why canisters? Because I needed something to hold my coffee. It was that simple. And that canister was the start of Coffee Gator.

Since my first brushed-stainless-steel canister I’ve introduced many different sizes and colors but this original has a special place in my heart. It’s a little bit like a first child for me. Or a first kiss, a first love, or like the first time I bench pressed 225lbs 💪

As it’s now been 4 years since I started out with a canister, a bathtub, and a dream 🛀

If you're interested in drinking fresh coffee every time, you can find the full canister family on our site.


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