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12 Tips For Brewing Coffee At Home

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Brewing coffee at your home is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you learn the technique, you can make a delicious cup of coffee.

If you are thinking how to make better coffee at home then follow the 12 tips given below and find out how to brew better coffee at home:

1. Using Whole Bean Coffee

Once of the most essential things of brewing coffee is experiencing the aroma that it gives off. The aroma comes off by using fresh, whole bean coffee. If you grind the coffee a long time before you brew it, it will lose its taste. It is recommended that you grind it right before you want to brew so that you can experience the most flavorful cup of coffee.

2. Use Of Scale

Many people follow the rule of adding 2 tablespoons of coffee in 6 oz of water. However, we do not recommend it. Different coffees have different density and size, so a tablespoon of one coffee may have a stronger flavor than the other one. Therefore, you should use a scale to know the exact weight.

3. Using The Right Amount

The only way to determine the right amount of coffee is by figuring out the ratio between the amount of coffee and the quantity of water. Those who like to have a stronger cup add more coffee, while light coffee lovers add less.

4. Use A Burr Grinder

When you are grinding your coffee make sure that you use a grinder that grinds it equally.  When you are able to control the ground size of your coffee, it makes it easy for you to brew coffee at the same rate. A burr grinder plays an amazing role in this regard. It helps you produce a specific ground size repeatedly.

5. Grind At The Right Setting

Grinding the perfect coffee requires the right setting. The two essential elements here are time and taste. Each type of coffee requires a different grind so it is essential to know what type of coffee you want to have. Once you decide your beverage type, set the time accordingly and Voila! You are ready to make a delicious cup of coffee for yourself.

6. Use Filtered Water

98.5% of the coffee that we brew is made up of water. This signifies the importance of water in our morning drink. Since water plays an essential role in it, it is important that we use purified and filtered water. If the water tastes bad, it will ruin your coffee.

7. Temperature Of Water

The optimal temperature of water to brew coffee is in between 195-205 degrees F. The temperature of the water affects the brewing process and the product that we get. If the temperature of the water is less than 195 F, the flavors of the coffee would not show up. Similarly, if it is higher than 205 degree F, the coffee will become bitter.

8. Pre-Wet/Preheat Everything

Prior to beginning the process of brewing your coffee, make sure that all the devices that you have to use are as close to the temperature of the water as possible. If this is not the case, these devices are going to consume the heat from the water and decrease its temperature. Since the temperature of water is extremely essential in this process, it is recommended that you heat up everything.

You are also required to wet the filter so it comes to the right temperature. It also helps in getting rid of the flavor of paper.

9. Bloom Your Coffee

Once you pour water on your coffee grounds you will notice the bubbles that arise on top of the coffee. This process is called blooming and it takes place as Carbon dioxide (CO2) is expelled out of coffee. It is an essential step as CO2 can prevent extraction and push water away from the coffee during the brewing process. You add a little amount of water on your coffee, wait for it to bloom and then add the rest of the water.

10. Saturate Your Coffee Completely

One of the essential techniques is to make sure that your coffee is completely saturated in the water. All of the coffee should be in contact with the water. Usually, it is not very visible but there are small pockets of dry coffee. So it is advised that when you pour water over your coffee, give it a light stir while it is blooming.

11. Trying New Things

Brewing coffee could be a lot of fun if you keep experimenting. You can try different coffees and different coffee presses to brew coffee. You may be comfortable with the one that you use but trying out new ones may introduce you to something new.

12. All The Essentials

While you are mastering these tips for coffee at home, it is recommended that you use a planner for coffee essentials. You can write down these tips so you can have a look at them whenever you are confused.

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