Coffee Gator Manuals and Instructions Download Page


How in the name of all things holy does a pour over brewer work? What have the French got to do with pressing coffee?
Find out lots of lovely information here. Free downloads of Coffee Gator manuals and instructions.

Brewing Scales 

Coffee brewing scales instructions

How do you make yourself a dream brew with these multi-function scales?
Tip the balance in your flavor by downloading these instructions or watching this video.
Need to make sure it is absolutely correct? Watch how to calibrate it.
Need to adjust the platform? Watch this video.



Coffee Gator canister
What's so special about Coffee Gator canisters? Find out in this cool video. And how the dickens do you change the valves? Check it in this video.
Check out our instructions here should help.

Cold Brewer

Coffee Gator cold brewer
Check out our manual for the low down on making dream cold brew while you sleep. Need further instructions? Watch our video.

French Press 

Coffee Gator French press
This manual should help with solving the riddle french press. If it doesn't, have a look at this video.
And here a hint on how to change the filter.

Pour Over Kettle 

Coffee Gator pour over kettle
Want to find out how it works? Watch it here. Why go goose neck and how do I look after my kettle? We've got an manual for that too.

Pour Over Brewer

Coffee Gator pour over brewer
Thinking of joining the pour over revolution? Great, here is how it works. These inserts will light the way:

Travel Cup Pour Over Brewer 

Coffee Gator pour over travel cup
How about a manual that helps you brew exceptional pour over for the road?
you can also watch our cool introduction video


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